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Stressed & Overwhelmed Trying To Study For The NBCOT Exam?

I totally get it.

Struggling with the NBCOT exam prep can feel like navigating a maze without a map. It's not just about the overload of advice and questions on how long should I study. The real challenge? The anxiety of not knowing where to start and feeling lost amidst a sea of study materials.

The frustration of not having a clear direction leads to doubts about whether you're studying the right things or spending your time efficiently. It's that uncertainty that keeps you up at night, wondering if you're truly prepared to ace this crucial exam and start your career confidently.

But here's the game-changer: a tailored study guide that doesn't just suggest materials and schedules but offers a structured path. This guide eliminates the guesswork, giving you a focused, efficient study plan. It's the key to reclaiming your confidence, alleviating the stress, and ensuring you're fully prepared to conquer the NBCOT exam.


Here is the solution to nail the NBCOT exam prep you've been looking for in one place. STUDY WITH A COTA COURSE. Inside, you'll find videos, texts, and downloadable resources, all neatly organized into a 9-week study plan. And the best part? A supportive Facebook community, ready to offer guidance and camaraderie throughout your journey. It's your one-stop solution to ace the exam with ease!

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Does this sound like you?

  • "I'm having a really difficult time finding the motivation to study, after multiple failed attempts".

  • "I am so overwhelmed because there is so much information that I just don't know where to start".

  • "I tried NBCOT study pack, Truelearn, Pass the OT, and the purple book and watched OT Miri, OT Rex and still feel like I'm going into studying blind".

  • "I had trouble focusing for 4 hours and kept dozing off. I would literally wake up and not recognize the question I was on, this is so frustrating".

  • "Trying to juggle study time with kids and work commitments has been so hard and I just don't know what to do anymore, I'm tired".

  • "I am so over this exam, I am ready to quit".

  • "The pressure to pass this exam is weighing heavy on my heart, my spouse needs me to pass ASAP".

  • "This is my first attempt and hopefully my last. I just want to make sure I study right the first time".

Again, I totally understand BUT studying for the NBCOT exam isn't just about passing a test—it's about preparing to impact lives. Every hour you dedicate to mastering this material isn't just for a grade; it's for the responsibility you'll carry as a COTA. Your patients won't just be cases—they'll be someone's cherished family member. Embrace the study process not just to pass, but to be fully equipped to make a difference in their lives. That's the purpose behind every page you read and every concept you understand. Keep that purpose at the forefront, and let it fuel your dedication to mastering this exam.


What People Are Saying

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Thank you so much Timisha - I will be taking the NBCOT COTA exam soon and your strategies are helping me in this process...Kudos to you!

— John Ryan

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Super helpful, Thank you!!

— Lucha Libre

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Great video and awesome tips! I am a practicing licensed COTA now and I cannot thank you enough for providing an evidence-based study group that helped me pass the NBCOT and strengthen my knowledge as a clinician!

— Paige Soojin

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Great study course, it offered me solid structure and clear guidance on exam priorities. This was immensely beneficial as I struggled with devising a study plan myself. The material was thoughtfully organized, making it easier to navigate and absorb.

— S Warden

Student Testimonial

"I am not a good test taker but with Timisha I passed my exam. She made sure that I understood the rationale to everything I need to know and she made it easy to remember steps to make it easier to understand questions on the exam".

— Mariah P.

"I enjoy this introduction already, I've already learned a lot with the group video".

[Inside the course comment]

— M. McCarthy

[Inside Course Survey}

Was the information from Week 1 clear and easy to understand?

Yes, the information in week one was explained well and easy to understand. I enjoyed all the videos. The Mnemonic that was taught in the video was incredibly helpful because it helps break down the question and allows for better comprehension. I also loved all the encouraging words and tips on how to train you mentality to pass the exam.

- Alexis Estrada

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Should you take this course?

Take this course IF:

  • Need a Monday through Saturday, Sunday off study plan.
  • Need to improve critical thinking skills.
  • Need to learn how to answer NBCOT questions correctly.
  • Need accountability and structure.
  • Need concise information, no fluff.
  • Need peer support.
  • Value watching videos to improve knowledge.
  • Want access to communicate with a COTA/L when needed.

Who this is NOT for:

  • Not willing to put in at least three hours necessary to study in order to succeed.
  • Impatient and unwilling to devote 9–12 weeks to studying in order to increase the likelihood of passing.
  • Constantly making excuses on why you couldn't study.
  • Simply lazy and looking for a magic solution.


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