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The Urban Scholars Initiative (USI) would like to thank you for serving as a presenter/facilitator in last week's summer transition week experience. Our students found your session, "How to Awaken Your Authentic Self and Stop Limiting Beliefs for Good" incredibly helpful. The workbook you provided to our students to pinpoint any episodes of stress/anxiety was very helpful. One of the peer leaders shared with the USI coaches how important it was for him to utilize the book to help him address his issues with his own anxiety. This was very great to hear how students are proactive in wanting to work on themselves by using your workbook. This put a smile on our faces, and we hope it does for you as well.

We truly appreciate your support in making the 2022 USI Summer Transition Week a success! Look forward to seeing you all in the fall.

Urban Scholars Initiative

Lesley University

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Timisha Tross facilitated an engaging workshop for my first-generation college students as part of the 2022 Summer Transition Week. She led a deep dive on how to be your authentic self and stop limiting beliefs, which is critical for student development, particularly for those transitioning from high school to college. I was delighted to see how Timisha was able to instantly connect with the audience. My students valued the workshop as well as her workbook, “No Worries: 120-Day Journal” which allows students to track instances of anxiety. Mrs. Tross planted important seeds of wisdom that deeply resonated with my students. This was a great workshop and I highly recommend Timisha Tross to lead more impactful conversations related to personal development and coaching.

Bwann Gwann

Lesley University Interim Executive Director

Urban Scholars Initiative

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Timisha Tross is a phenomenal speaker because of her ability to engage students with her invigorating passion, spirit, and energy. She provides a practical and student-friendly approach to infusing knowledge of occupational practice through her inspiring workshops and training. It was a pleasure to have her speak to our future COTAs and inspire them to be an agent of change in the world.

Beau Younker

Raritan Valley Community College OTA

Program Director

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Timisha’s performance in the OTA Program and her work as a COTA illustrate her passion for the profession, her motivation and drive for learning, and her proclivity as a leader and advocate.

Michelle M. Savrann

Quinsigamond Community College Occupational Therapy Assistant Program Coordinator

Christian Life Coaching Client Testimonial

-Khadijah Super

Occupational Therapy Student Testimonial

"How I Finally Passed The NBCOT Exam After Two Failed Attempts".

-Sha Monique

"I am a practicing licensed COTA now and I cannot thank you enough for providing an evidence-based study group that helped me pass the NBCOT and strengthen my knowledge as a clinician!"

-Paige Soojin